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Print Edition:

Week of April 6, 2020

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In This Weeks Print Edition:
March: Chairs... April: Masks - How the Industry is Supporting Corona Relief / AIS Launches CET Designer Extension / ORGATEC 2020: international, interdisciplinary and innovative / New Report Reveals Decline in Demand for Design Services Following COVID-19 Pandemic / Knoll Draws down $65 million of Revolving Credit Facility / Cliff Grendahl has joined the Nook Pod team in North America / Herman Miller Makes Temporary Business Adjustments in Response to Impact of COVID-19 / Industry Briefing | Odds & Ends / Marketplace & Help Wanted / Dauphin Contributes Face Masks to the COVID-19 Battle Front Line / Steelcase Provides Instruction to Make Face Masks and Shields for Coronavirus Pandemic / Stuck Inside? Download Wilkhahn's Home OfficeWorkout App & Get Moving! / KFI Studios of Louisville, Ky is proud to announce their new representation from Seibold + Baker
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