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Project Manager
Thursday September 20, 2018
Other Jobs

Denver HOT JOB!

The purpose of the Project Manager is to manage the successful implementation of large and/or complex furniture related projects from the initial point of sale through punch list resolution; to communicate project management issues to the department manager; and to understand and apply all aspects of the furniture processes within the dealership.

The Project Manager is responsible for the following results:
  • Planning, directing, and coordinating activities of the project (including project schedules, order phasing, product shipping and delivery, and installation) to ensure goals or objectives of the project are accomplished within prescribed time frame, within the budgeted parameters, and within the defined project management policies and procedures.
  • Generating quotes for labor, materials, and project management services to assist the sales team in responding to bids.
  • Ensuring the quality and accuracy of each project by reviewing the job order for job stoppers, the installation job packets, the punch list completion relating to product and services, the project paperwork signoff.
  • Ensuring service delivery by performing site inspections and walkthroughs to verify critical information and review project progress, including pre-installation site walkthrough with the general contractor, pre-punch walkthrough with installation team, and punch walkthrough with the client.
  • Monitoring profitability of a project by tracking and managing labor and project management hours of each project.
  • Entering all project management time into the accounting system to track costable goal.
  • Facilitating and attending necessary internal and external meetings and preparing necessary status reports to ensure project tasks are being completed in a timely fashion.
  • Initiating, establishing, and maintaining business relationships with all key stakeholders of the project whether internal or external to the company.
  • Working directly with the client regarding changes to the project scope, assessment of possible constraints and identification of new service opportunities.
  • Contributing to a team effort by accomplishing related results or projects as needed, including assisting with performance reviews for other departments.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The preferred candidate has noteworthy experience in the following areas:
  • Proven success in a similar role within the office furniture industry.
  • Demonstrates technical credibility and professional proficiency, having depth of judgment, knowledge and technical skill important for the position.
  • Proven to consistently and accurately apply project management methodology and processes.
  • Possesses specialized knowledge of office furniture product, design, ordering process, and installation.
  • Demonstrates client focus by providing excellent service and satisfaction to both internal and external clients; understanding the client's business issues and/or seeks information about the real, underlying needs of the client beyond those initially expressed.
  • Successfully manages workload by being able to transition easily between tasks, responding quickly and efficiently to work requests, handling competing priorities and urgent situations, making sound decisions within short timeframes and taking appropriate action.
  • Possess solid time management skills, being able to allocate time for planning and assigning priorities to tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Able to effectively problem solve by identifying the existence and probable cause of a problem; brainstorm potential solutions and collaborate with key people involved in evaluating solutions to the problem.
  • Effective communicator verbally and in written form, in both formal in informal situations as well as demonstrates the ability to listen well to others and clarify the message to ensure understanding.
  • Demonstrates detail orientation and understands the importance of doing quality work and adhering to the standards to prevent errors.
  • Demonstrates teamwork and collaboration by building and sustaining productive working relationships across a diverse spectrum of people.
  • Demonstrates integrity and trust by acting ethically and gaining the trust and respect of others
  • Demonstrating initiative by recognizing opportunities or problems and acts.
  • Proven ability to learn from experiences of self and others to solve problems and identify new solutions; shares knowledge generously.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license and a good driving record.
The Project Manager is proficient in the following technology applications:
  • Microsoft Project and Project Management Methodology
  • Ability to create, read, and interpret project plans and specifications using 20-20 CAP Studio, an AutoCAD-based design and specification technology or CET Designer, a space-planning software (moving to this platform in 2017/2018)
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Omni, internal application
Apply here:



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