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| In Job Marketplace / Architect |
A+D Representative
Friday November 17, 2017

Work in Toronto for iconic furniture design company, Herman Miller.

As an A+D Representative, you'll be responsible for driving sales through the A+D community and maximizing the impact A+D has on Herman Miller's success. You will act as a trusted advisor and develop, manage, and create demand within A+D accounts.

What You'll Do
You'll have opportunities to speak up, solve problems, lead others, and be an owner every day as you...
  • Assist in the development and execution of A+D account strategy and communicate the strategy within appropriate geographical areas.
  • Collaborate the sales strategies for the business plans of key A+D firms within the region. You will develop a process for measuring performance against the plan and direct the implementation of pilot programs supporting A+D strategies.
  • Conduct activities in an intermediate level sales capacity to influence the design specification/selection of Herman Miller product for targeted A+D firms and assigned project opportunities.
  • Conduct all sales activities and processes within the parameters of the Herman Miller selling process, utilizing the corporate tools and resources provided.
  • Develop relationships and create a strategy for individuals within an A+D firm. You will protect mobilizers and develop blockers into mobilizers within the A+D firm.
  • Focus appropriate resources from Herman Miller Marketing and Customer Care on the design community.
  • Influence the criteria that A+D firms use for the selection of product to be specified, and respond to technical questions concerning product application.
  • Maintain Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information so the A+D Sales Director can accurately communicate monthly forecasts of expected sales volume by account and product line.
  • Manage activities within the assigned expense budget.
  • Manage and/or assist with the necessary coordination for design takeoff, product application, and conversion activities within A+D firms.
  • Participate as needed in client visits to enhance the customer experience.
  • Perform additional responsibilities as requested to achieve business objectives.
  • Provide/participate in design training on new products for specific project opportunities and target accounts.
  • Work with other Sales roles to respond to, support, and proactively secure specifications on opportunities within the A+D firm.
Sound Like You?
You might be just who we're looking for if you have...
  • A Bachelor's degree in Design, Architecture, Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field. An equivalent level of experience will also be considered.
  • Three or more years of successful contract/capital goods selling experience in the A+D community.
  • A thorough knowledge of Herman Miller products, services, and culture, as well as the ability to distinguish Herman Miller products and services from the competition.
  • A demonstrated willingness to learn selling skills, including account penetration, strategic selling, conceptual selling, issues-based selling, consultative selling, negotiation, and contracts (closing). You'll also need the ability to develop and cultivate business opportunities.
  • A proven ability to network and build relationships with key A+D influencers.
  • The ability to develop strong organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to collaborate and negotiate.
  • An assertive and confident professional positure. You will also need the ability to conduct activities independent of immediate supervision and represent Herman Miller in a professional manner.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced, changing environment at all levels of the organization while building long-term relationships with customers and partners and striving to establish relationships at senior decision-making levels within an organization.
  • Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication abilities with a strong emphasis on listening.
  • A demonstrated desire to focus on a high level of integrity and business ethics while going to great lengths to resolve any/all customer issues.
  • Financial literacy and strong business acumen.
  • The ability to travel in support of business objectives.
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively use the office automation, communication, software, and tools used in the Herman Miller office environment.
  • The ability to perform all essential job functions of the position with or without accommodations.
Apply online at: http://bit.ly/2AYwVwG



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