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| In Job Marketplace / Rep Group |
Hospitality Sales Representative
Thursday November 2, 2017
Rep Group Sales

Immerse yourself in Chicago's exciting foodie culture & hospitality industry!

We are seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing, and good-natured individual to join our manufacturer sales rep company that specializes in Hospitality Sales. Chicago is an amazing hub for foodie culture, dining and specialty hotels, and your role will have you immersed in the middle of it all as we serve a diverse range of clientele from local, trendy spots to high-end Michelin star restaurants and hotels and related Design firms. JMA Marketing specializes in selling indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as high-end dinnerware and serveware.

Job Description
The outside sales representative is a position responsible for maintaining current client relations, identifying potential customers, and continuing to build a lucrative customer base. You will also be responsible for responding to customer requests, preparing quotes, preparing presentations, and calling on prospective customer leads. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate well with a diverse range of people and have a friendly demeanor at all times. We service a sales territory that is mainly in the Chicagoland region.

There is never a dull moment and we all enjoy providing our expertise to some of Chicago's top chefs and hotel operators. Overall, we like to keep a casual and warm work environment at the office which also serves as a showroom for all of our manufacturer lines, while keeping active in outside sales calls and presentations.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Must be based in the city of Chicago
  • Must want to meet/exceed established sales goals
  • Work with clients to find solutions to their needs and create a smooth sales process
  • Maintain a high level of attention to detail managing all respective sales activities (quotes, follow-up, email, and call reports)
  • Build relationships with our manufacturers and seek product support and training when necessary
  • Will gain knowledge of all of our manufacturers' products
  • Conduct sales presentations to distributors, clients, and designers
  • Attend industry trade shows
  • Network within the Hospitality Industry
Education / Experience Requirements:
  • Bachelor's Degree or higher
  • 2 years sales-related experience
  • You are considered a friendly 'people-person'
  • Effective verbal communication, follow-up, and rapport building skills.
  • Able to prioritize accurately and manage multiple tasks independently.
  • Computer knowledge using Excel, Word, Google Docs, and Google Drive
*Familiarity with the Chicago design community or background in design is a huge plus!

Benefits include paid vacation, sick days, and holidays. Compensation/salary based on experience; you will also be reimbursed for fuel and sales expenses. Upon start of the second year, a monthly sales commission would also be added.

**Please send resume and cover letter in reply – Interested candidates, please reply to lisa@johnmanson.com.



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