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| In Job Marketplace / Manufacturer |
Head of Channel Marketing
Thursday August 31, 2017
Manufacturer Management

Head of Channel Marketing

Office Furniture Manufacturer: Head of Channel Marketing

Company Profile:
One of North America's most successful manufacturers of Office Furniture, Filing, Storage, and Organizational products for personal and commercial use seeks a new Head of Channel Marketing to add to its Executive Team. The Company operates from multiple locations in North America and is one of the leaders in its industry. This position reports directly to the company's CEO & President. This position will be at the company's headquarters office, which is located in a desirable, midsized city in the Midwest. This location is widely regarded as being one of the most desirable and most family-friendly places to live in the U.S.

Job Description:
Company seeks to add a full-time professional with a strong work ethic and passion for developing creative and impactful demand generation programs targeted at Office Furniture Dealers and/or Wholesalers. Secondarily, this professional will devise and help implement appropriate activities / campaigns with the company's substantial, thriving Retail, Online, and Distribution channels for its transactional furniture business lines. The Head of Channel Marketing will support a number of Sales professionals, Marketers, and Product Managers by overseeing the creation, management, and execution of awareness activities, educational campaigns, product promotions, and incentives programs with end consumers/businesses, channel partners, and independent Sales representatives working on behalf of the Company. Responsibilities will additionally include overseeing the development of world-class digital and print assets with support from a Marketing Coordinator. The scope of work will cover a wide span of process levels, from conceiving high level strategies and plans, to overseeing and leading their detailed execution. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years' experience working directly with Office Furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and/or dealers and will be highly informed about relevant Office Furniture markets in: North America (required), Europe (desired), and Mexico / Latin America (desired).

Primary Responsibilities: in collaboration, and with support, of others...
  • Develop and oversee company- and product-awareness campaigns
  • Develop and lead educational campaigns, e.g., ranging from undertakings such as producing an end-user marketing video for online customers, to teaching Sales representatives about a new product's features, functions, and benefits
  • Develop and assist in the implementation of promotions and incentive programs with end consumers, channel partners, and independent Sales representatives working on behalf of the Company
  • Ensure that the Company's marketing assets are world-class:
    • Collaborate with outside design agencies to develop images, packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) materials, and other marketing materials (e.g., brochures, catalogs)
    • Oversee the creation and maintenance of product pricing sheets, sales sheets, and product awareness pieces
    • Oversee customer catalog creation from inception through to production, including ideation, design, and proof reading
    • Manage customers' image requirements
    • Define photoshoot requirements for use by design agencies and third-party photographers; manage these vendors in delivering high quality production on time and within budget
    • Oversee the maintenance of various image libraries, both for internal and external audiences
    • Oversee and maintain company's Website, including content creation and maintenance
    • Oversee the creation and maintenance of interactive digital "widgets" on customers' websites
  • Assist Sales & Marketing teams in planning promotional strategies to drive sales with the Company's resellers / partners.
  • Assist in training Sales professionals to sell the company's products most persuasively by leveraging best-in-class presentations and other marketing assets
  • Directly manage a Marketing Coordinator support resource and work closely and collaboratively with Sales professionals, Marketers, and Product Managers in support of achieving business objectives
  • Follow directives and deliver special projects as may be assigned by the Company's CEO & President
  • "Have a Seat at the Table" as one of the Company's most senior, most trusted, and most important Executive leaders with the knowledge, maturity, and gravitas to add value to any number of key decisions which the Company might take in managing and growing its business.
Job Requirements:
  • 4-year undergraduate degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Design, Communications, or other closely-related field (REQUIRED).
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in the Office Furniture industry, e.g., at manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and/or dealers (REQUIRED). Please DO NOT apply if you have a background in Consumer Goods / CPG but lack direct experience with Office Furniture specifically!
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience in developing Marketing or Awareness campaigns with Office Furniture products.
  • Must be highly informed about the structure and dynamics of Office Furniture Markets in: USA/Canada (REQUIRED), Europe (DESIRED), and Mexico / Latin America (DESIRED).
Who You Are:
  • A Master of his/her craft: the Company will look to you to lead its Channel Marketing. efforts with only modest direction and oversight.
  • A positive, can-do personality. While there may be a million ways to fail, we seek someone who had the outlook, confidence, and tenacity to figure out the few ways we can thread the needle on the pathway to success.
  • Someone who is passionate about the markets for Office Furniture and related products.
  • Professional with superior attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  • Creative, artistic personality.
  • Self-starter, resourceful, frugal, and entrepreneurial.
  • Doer, not a delegator.
  • Effective communicator, both in speaking and in writing. One who first seeks to understand, then to be understood.
  • Collaborative team player with a strong desire to "win".
  • Builder of relationships with excellent interpersonal and "customer service" skills.
  • Someone who understands that personal integrity is the bedrock upon which not just a career, but a purposeful life both depend. If you'd ever think of shorting the cash box of an unmanned, farmer's roadside produce kiosk, then please do NOT bother applying for this opportunity!
  • Collegial (sense of humor preferred!).
Other Requirements:
  • Occasional travel within North America may be required (10-20%) to meet with existing and prospective customers, collaborators, and Sales representatives, as well as to attend occasional National Trade Shows
To apply, email your cover letter and resume to: eedwardshi@gmail.com



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