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Need Acrylic? Polycaronate? PETG?
Thursday June 25, 2020
Businesses Wanted / Manufacturers

We Can Help - Small Quantity or Container Load

  • Very competitive price points – small quantity and container load.
  • New, modern, Eastern European facility with technologically advanced machinery.
  • Specialists in the Design and Manufacture of new tooling, molds and jigs.
  • Specialists in Product Design, Development, prototyping and production.
  • Flatbed laser and plate cutting.
  • Laser Tube cutting capacity and CNC Bending capacity.
  • Robotic Welding capabilities, Italian soldering, MiG and arc welding.
  • Capping, Beveling, Boring, Robotic Rolling, German brand GRID grinding.
  • Threading capacity, Automated Powder coating capacity.
  • Packaging, Container maximization and storage.
Call us at 404-642-0401



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