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 Mentioned This Week
Alternative Office News
Global Home Office Furniture Market set to grow according to Forecast
Sunday August 30, 2015 
The report also covers discussion on the key vendors operating in the Home Office Furniture market Space.

CEI Architecture to Join HDR to Advance Design Innovation in a Global Landscape
Sunday July 19, 2015 
Collectively, HDR's and CEI's experience with public-private partnership (P3) for health is perhaps more than any other architecture firm in Canada.

Odds & Ends Week of February 2, 2015
by MMQB STAFF  Monday February 2, 2015 

Workspace Change Book Published
by MMQB STAFF  Monday December 1, 2014 
The premise of the book is this: Office space can be the portal of significant change. Here's a few sobering statistics: More than 70 percent of the workforce either hates their job or they are just going through the motions. Over half of all office space is wasted.

Workload takes place without Face-to-Face Interactions
Monday November 10, 2014 
The most recent survey indicates that less than one-quarter of the work performed in a single day requires a face-to-face interaction.

National Office Furniture Awarded Agreement with Premier, Inc.
Monday November 3, 2014 
The new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Furniture and Systems, Casegoods, Seating, and Accessories.

ORGATEC DAY 3: In Search of the $38k Desk
Friday October 24, 2014 
Ever imagine what a $38,000 executive desk looks like? Imagine no more.

by MMQB STAFF  Monday March 3, 2014 
Though Menlo Innovations has been profiled in many of the top business publications in the world and won countless awards for its innovative workplace, it has no fancy furniture.

by MMQB STAFF  Monday February 17, 2014 
Blue35 makes it easy for a company to move into downtown Grand Rapids, providing a unique place where companies can grow and explore new ways to collaborate.

blue 35
by MMQB STAFF  Monday January 20, 2014 
Haworth is getting into the alt-office arena with the upcoming launch of Blue35, a high-tech coworking and meeting center in downtown Grand Rapids.

Workplace Culture is a determining factor for Millennials
Monday January 6, 2014 
Millennials are the fastest growing group in the workplace. This demographic has a different set of expectations and work styles compared to prior generations.

Flexible Workplaces are Here to Stay
by MMQB STAFF  Monday November 18, 2013 
Like the open office movement, workplace flexibility depends entirely on the organization to be successful.

Grand Circus Detroit
by MMQB STAFF  Monday November 11, 2013 
Grand Circus Detroit opened officially in mid-September and already the technology training site/coworking/entrepreneur incubator is in lofty company.

Work Makes People Miserable
Monday July 15, 2013 
It comes as no surprise that new research based on surveys using a smartphone app found that workers were unhappy and stressed while on the job.

9 to 5 Seating Hawthorne Facility LEED Gold Certified
Monday June 24, 2013 
Among the sustainable technologies at work in the 9 to 5 Seating Hawthorne facility are rooftop-mounted photovoltaic cells.

Working in an Enhanced Workspace Destination
by MMQB STAFF  Monday April 8, 2013 
Though I didn't work there long enough to get a real feel for what it would be like to work there longterm, I did get a taste of Workspring and I like what I discovered.

Room for Debate
by MMQB STAFF  Monday March 25, 2013 
Should employees be allowed to work from home and if so, how does one measure productivity, teamwork and work-life balance?

Herman Miller Conference Call
by MMQB STAFF  Monday March 25, 2013 
"Net sales and orders fell short of our expectations."

Is Teleworking Over?
by MMQB STAFF  Monday March 11, 2013 
Yahoo's decision to shift its telecommuting rules have more to do with the importance of collaboration than the company's need to keep tabs on its workers.

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo has it right: Working from home is a charade!
Sunday March 10, 2013 
Telecommuters may be happier with their freedom, but in general, the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" applies.

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