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  Today's Date: Wednesday June 28, 2017    Current MMQB Index: 5279.52 +72.87 (+1.40%) on a volume of 4,195,280 shares. Year to Date Change: -19.26%
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 Mentioned This Week
Heard on the Sidelines
Getting down to business for the next century
Monday August 2, 1999 
Here at the Monday Morning Quarterback we're getting ready to move from the Sidelines to the Playing Field in order to help you participate in the real game.

Will dealers go the way of the buggy whip? Could be.
Sunday July 25, 1999 
NEVER assume anything, otherwise you could wind up looking pretty clueless. If there is anything we've learned from the first half of this year, it's that you can't take the old business rules dictating the office furniture industry for granted.

Some industry pundits should remind us who they work for.
Monday July 19, 1999 
JULY is a good month for cleaning your desk off.

"Nothing but net," it's coming sooner than you think.
Monday July 12, 1999 
Bottom line: The Net is transforming some of the basic rules of business.

Interiors drops Cahill as Lucent discovers the value of spending big on furniture
Sunday June 27, 1999 
A LONG OVERDUE house cleaning at Interiors magazine apparently ended with the removal of Dennis Michael Cahill as its vice president and group president.

ONLY 1 visitor in 10 found NeoCon to be worthless.
Sunday June 20, 1999 
There are lots of mixed signals being sent and lots of interesting information to analyze.

NeoCon, or at least parts of it, proved once again that size matters
Monday June 14, 1999 
THE HEAT WAS on last Monday as NeoCon 99 opened to its largest audience yet.

Save your appetite, there will be plenty to feast on during NeoCon 99.
Monday May 31, 1999 
There's parties, meetings, cocktails, more meetings, more parties, lunch, even more cocktails and lots of really exciting elevator rides in store for everyone.

A few marketing types know how to reach me, but what about the rest?
Monday May 24, 1999 
IT LOOKS LIKE the most exciting thing we'll be doing in two weeks from today at NeoCon is sitting.

What's the next big thing at NeoCon this year? Beats me.
Sunday May 16, 1999 
IS IT just me or is the pre-NeoCon hype really quiet this year?

The little fish eats the big one thanks to low interest rates.
Monday May 10, 1999 
GOBBLED UP, the smaller fish is eating the larger fish (for a change) in a deal which surprised many last week.

There's nothing like a clean desk to perk you up.
Sunday May 2, 1999 
It's CLEAN UP week, time to dispose of the piles of notes and messages that have accumulated during the past few months. First, the RUMORS:

Some office furniture insights on the industry
Sunday April 25, 1999 
"THE JINX, THE HEX" they shout, "you predicted light at the end of the tunnel too soon."

Light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps.
Sunday April 18, 1999 
"REBOUND" - was the word most whispered last week as some of the first 1999-era quarterly results trickled in.

There's less and less players in this industry every week.
Monday April 12, 1999 
INDUSTRY consolidation continued last week as CenterCore was sold, just moments before its bankers were to pull the plug.

This is one change that isn't a fad.
Monday April 5, 1999 
It's the method with which the furniture industry operates that will be changed, and changed for the better.

The Privatization of the office furniture industry begins again.
Monday March 29, 1999 
HOW interesting it was to see that Knoll, for the third time in its history, announce it will turn back into a private company.

Spring training, like office furniture, is Dullsville.
Monday March 22, 1999 
POP QUIZ. . . Which IS duller, baseball's spring training, the Chicago Bulls or the office furniture industry?

Time Out - Sidelines is taking the week off.
Sunday March 14, 1999 
Everybody agrees - faster delivery is better. Reread last week's Sidelines

You can get new furniture in 22 hours, but not from who you'd expect
Monday March 8, 1999 
IF YOU think that Ecommerce won't affect you, that furniture is just too big and complicated to order off the net, it's time to rethink that position.

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