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 Mentioned This Week
Heard on the Sidelines
Big thick systems panels are doomed no matter what you believe
Monday March 1, 1999 
We always knew that someday corporations would grow weary of systems furniture and its associated infrastructure nightmares.

This could be your worst nightmare - it's pop quiz time
Monday February 22, 1999 
How did TEKNION grow their U.S. sales 60 percent when nearly everyone else was lucky to get single digit growth?

Let's get to the real issue of slowing sales - once again.
Sunday February 14, 1999 
OH that SINKING FEELING continues.

Maybe what we need is a live web fashion show for furniture!
Sunday February 7, 1999 
It was also a terrible week for the office furniture industry, an industry which has now seen all of its 1998 gains TOTALLY disappear.

There is a funny smell in this industry and it doesn't smell like victory.
Monday February 1, 1999 
Executing perfectly wins every time.

How much money would it take to get you to Green Bay?
Sunday January 24, 1999 
THE EXIT ramps are full up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A week of sports news can leave you feeling somewhat blue.
Monday January 18, 1999 
LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE this week to feel blue? YOU DON'T have to look very far.

A WHITE OUT covered the Midwest last week as the snow kept falling and falling.
Sunday January 10, 1999 
We’d all like to buy a company in Boca Raton, Florida around this time of year.

WE'RE GONNA party like it's 1999 - NOT!
Monday January 4, 1999 
1998 was fun, fun, fun for some but not everyone shared the wealth.

A Holiday Message From the Editors
Sunday December 20, 1998 
Tis the season to be thankful, so we want to extend our gratitude to all readers for their support in making The Monday Morning Quarterback a huge success.

Washington has taught us how to put a spin on everything
Sunday December 13, 1998 
IF YOU DON’T take office furniture seriously, you could get seriously DEAD.

Files are hot but sound masking is making the biggest impact.
Sunday December 6, 1998 
CONSOLIDATION continues in the office furniture industry, and more specifically, the filing and storage area, nearly unabated.

It's time again to sit down and engage in a little trend spotting.
Sunday November 29, 1998 
AS WE approach the end of yet another year - and not a bad one at that - we need to take time out to try and spot the trends which will shape our businesses for the next year and beyond.

Never have I ever seen insiders be this wrong in my life.
Monday November 23, 1998 
Steelcase's admission last week is the most potent evidence yet that something is seriously wrong at Big Dark Blue.

Sidelines Returns Next Week
Sunday November 15, 1998 
SIDELINES is taking the week off, but returns next week richer for having shifted much of his stockholdings from office furniture to the internet.

As the furniture industry heads into hiatus, dealers wonder what’s next.
Monday November 9, 1998 
IT’S USUALLY about this time that the office furniture industry slips into the doldrums.

If we can't find Omar how can we ever get there?
Monday November 2, 1998 
ANYONE looking for a glimpse of the future of the workplace or the future of transportation, may as well have stayed home.

Yankee fans just don't exist in Germany
Monday October 26, 1998 
COLOGNE, GERMANY: Unfortunately Yankee victories don't EXTEND to this side of the pond.

After last week things don’t really look that bleak after all.
Monday October 19, 1998 
IT’S HARD TO know who to thank after last week’s good news.

Despite drops, business continues as usual, really.
Sunday October 11, 1998 
AFTER watching the market last week, the hardest thing to remember is that business CONTINUES as usual for MOST American companies.

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