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  Today's Date: Saturday November 1, 2014    Current MMQB Index: 5853.64 +23.75 (+0.41%) on a volume of 2,394,963 shares. Year to Date Change: + 10.82%
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Events & Trade Shows
TODAY: NeoCon East
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Wednesday October 29, 2014 
After suffering through the government shutdown last year, NeoCon East crowds were back on the show's first day Wednesday.

CET Designer User Confab
Monday October 27, 2014 
The best educational situations are communal, and the most productive classrooms feature interactive, hands-on teachers.

Smaller Orgatec still delivered on Future Design Trends
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday October 27, 2014 
The quality of the show was excellent as usual and the trendsetters were definitely there leading the way for what we will invariably see in the North American market in a year or two.

ORGATEC DAY 2: Optimism and Crowds Arrive in Abundance
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Thursday October 23, 2014 
Though relatively strong in Northern Europe and the United Kingdom, the European economy continues to struggle.

ORGATEC 2014 - Day One
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Tuesday October 21, 2014 
Lufthansa managed to ground Orgatec, but not completely.

THIS WEEK: Orgatec
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday October 20, 2014 
Until tomorrow, no one knows if the next Aeron ueber product is waiting in one of the halls, ready to break out and change the way we work.

AHEAD: NeoCon East
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday October 13, 2014 
Government sales is certainly important for NeoCon East, but it is not everything.

NeoCon and NeoCon East 2015 Call for Presentations
by MMQB STAFF  Monday September 1, 2014 
NeoCon/NeoCon East are seeking industry experts to share professional insight and knowledge with commercial and residential interior design, architecture and facility management professionals.

NeoCon East Preview
Monday August 18, 2014 
The two-day trade event will showcase more than 250 brands across a wide range of sectors.

Next Up: Orgatec
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday June 23, 2014 
Orgatec focuses on factors that influence the work environments such as new technologies, changing communication structures and demographic trends.

NeoCon: Small Manufacturers Gain Ground in the Industry
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday June 23, 2014 
With the integration of modular furniture trends into office spaces, the favorite new conference room may not be found in places where expected and brainstorming ideas will flow more freely.

MMQB TV - NeoCon Videos - Part 2
Tuesday June 17, 2014 
NeoCon Videos from Office Star, Humanscale, Groupe Lacasse, Ghent, Nightingale, Office Master, JRB Studio, Safco, and American Seating.

NeoCon: Manufacturers Search for Solutions to new Workstyles
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday June 16, 2014 
Even though NeoCon 2014 was off from the prior year many people in the industry were still happy with the show.

Todd Bracher - Still the New Face
Monday June 16, 2014 
Brancher explained that he has been influenced by his travels and by the variety of international places he has called home.

AIS NeoCon 2014 Party
Monday June 16, 2014 
View all the fun of the AIS party during NeoCon 2014.

MMQB TV - NeoCon Videos - Part 1
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 16, 2014 
Watch Workrite, SitOnIt, Trendway and Mayline Videos from NeoCon.

Supertalls by Adrian Smith
Monday June 16, 2014 
Smith draws inspiration from the culture and environment in which his creations get dropped, oftentimes piercing the sky and becoming landmarks.

IDEO's Tom Eich
Monday June 16, 2014 
Eich described the problem of building large complexes that hold immense amounts of people, such as Apple's new gargantuan campus.

The BIFMA Breakfast and that Oh Shit moment
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Thursday June 12, 2014 
The BIFMA Breakfast, the last stop for many of the industry's top executives, whose suitcases line the back of the banquet hall, is a way for the trade organization to check in.

NeoCon Day 2
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday June 9, 2014 
If the Monday of NeoCon is about the glitz of new products and crush of people filling the halls of the Merchandise Mart, Tuesday is when the business gets done. It's when the appointments are filled and one-on-one conversations take place.

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