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   Merchandise Mart Properties
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   Steelcase Inc.
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NeoCon Trade Shows
Enlightening Keynotes, Educational Seminars At NeoCon West 2006
Friday January 13, 2006 
Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. announced its lineup of keynotes and educational programs taking place at NeoCon West, which will be held March 27-28 at the L.A. Mart.

L.A.Designweek Upcoming
Wednesday January 11, 2006 
NeoCon West, March 27-28, kicks off multi-faceted event with exciting product introductions, special events, educational programming and industry networking events.

NeoCon East 2005 Called Most Successful Show To Date
Monday September 26, 2005 
More than 6,700 attendees were registered, a 12 percent increase over 2004.

NeoCon West Scheduled for March 29-30, 2006, at the L.A. Mart
Monday July 18, 2005 
Show drew 5,000 last March.

NeoCon West Opens Today
Wednesday March 9, 2005 
NeoCon West is a boutique design event.

NeoCon West Ready to Roll
Sunday March 6, 2005 
NeoCon West presents several events March 9-10, 2005, throughout Los Angeles.

NeoCon East Scores
Monday November 1, 2004 
The 2004 installation of NeoCon East was completely sold out.

NeoCon West Wrap Up
Monday March 29, 2004 
Photos from the show

The Show Goes On
Thursday September 13, 2001 
IIDEX / NeoCon Canada opened after much consideration.

NeoCon West Draws a Good Crowd in First Day
Thursday March 30, 2000 
See the latest pictures from NeoCon West.

Springtime and NeoCon West
Monday March 27, 2000 
The two day exposition, which begins Wednesday, is part of the week-long L.A. Designweek.

It's Time For NeoCon South
Sunday March 5, 2000 
NeoCon South / DesignFest See hundreds of new products and services.

IIDEX NeoCon Canada Opens to Large Crowds
Friday September 24, 1999 
NeoCon IIDEX99 Pictures from day one of this two-day event.

NeoCon 99 Ends on a Positive Note
Wednesday June 9, 1999 
NeoCon99 Crowds disburse as exhibitors head for home.

Thousands Jam NeoCon 99
Tuesday June 8, 1999 
NeoCon99Theres plenty of heat, humidity and people. Our scrapbook.

NeoCon 99 Opens Today
Monday June 7, 1999 
NeoCon99 Thousands expected to attend NeoCon 99 in Chicago. High temperatures and high humidity are also on tap.

Mart Showrooms In Yearly Practice of Redesign
Monday May 10, 1999 
NeoCon99The heavy lifting is underway as manufacturers prepare for June show.

NeoConWest Opens to Warm Reception
Friday March 12, 1999 
Exhibitors happy with large turnout on Thursday.

Are we Sick of the Trucks?
Friday March 12, 1999 
OK, we know everybody judges their (company)potency by the size of their trucks, but enough is enough!

Schiavello Has the Most Unique new Product
Friday March 12, 1999 
Australian firm's first U.S. display is a huge hit with NeoCon West visitors.

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