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  Today's Date: Sunday April 19, 2015    Current MMQB Index: 6129.86 -104.26 (-1.73%) on a volume of 1,682,957 shares. Year to Date Change: + 3.65%
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   Allsteel Inc.
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   Steelcase Inc.
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Start Innovative Technologies blends AV and furniture
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday April 13, 2015 
The new company is all about creating simplicity in a maddeningly complex segment of the market.

MMPI practices what it preaches with its new Mart Offices
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday March 16, 2015 
MMPI did a good job of sharing the love, so to speak, as their new office is an amalgamation of new and used furniture.

HOK Product Design arm creates Furniture you don't (or won't)
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday March 16, 2015 
The products coming from HOK Product Design are diverse, to say the least, and go well beyond office furniture.

Co-working space 1871 gets new Steelcase upgrade in Mart
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday March 9, 2015 
When 1871 in the Mart decided to expand recently, adding 25,000 square feet, the group didn't just add more open space. Instead, they turned to Steelcase for help.

Wellness vs. Wellbeing
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday February 23, 2015 
"Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. The vast majority of employed people around the globe are 'not engaged' or 'actively disengaged' at work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive," according to Gallup.

West Elm & Inscape Partner to Re-Imagine Office Furniture Experience
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday February 9, 2015 
The collection of more than 50 new products was designed by West Elm's in-house design team in collaboration with Inscape.

Killing germs naturally
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday January 26, 2015 
Verdura was created after design powerhouse HOK contacted the Copper Development Association looking for hardware that would kill germs.

The Future of the Office, 20 Years after its Demise
by PETER WOLF  Monday January 19, 2015 
One of the oddest desks ever created is reactivated from its decades long slumber, and pressed into service for one more tour of duty.

Active Design
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday January 19, 2015 
KI's research into the subject found nine principles for active design in the workplace.

Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday January 12, 2015 
The goal of the Roundtable is to provide a forum for ergonomics specialists and professionals to meet on a regular basis.

Bold One Desk Review
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday December 22, 2014 
I'm an old school guy. I like my '50s era gun-metal gray Steelcase tanker desk. It is built like a tank, full of storage and works exactly the way a desk should.

2014 - A year in review
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday December 22, 2014 
Manufacturers learn to deal with the shifting landscape of the workplace.

GSA: More trouble than it's worth?
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday December 1, 2014 
When companies first get involved in government sales, lured by contracts that can reach seven or eight digits, many are surprised by the way government uses its buying power to squeeze sellers' margins.

The Vault at Cranbrook
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday November 10, 2014 
Behind a large steel door, down a massive freight elevator under the Cranbrook Art Museum is a furniture treasure room. It is a place few get a chance to see -- a world-class collection of furniture, almost all of it designed by Cranbrook graduates like Charles and Ray Eames and Niels Diffrient.

ABW: Activity Based Working
Monday November 10, 2014 
One overarching theme that appears throughout the discussion of ABW, no matter the perspective, is culture.

Moving Beyond Boarders
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday October 27, 2014 
Boss Design has been wildly successful in the UK, growing from nothing to fight its way into Britain's Big Three. Now the company plans to look for customers in the United States.

The British are Coming
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday October 20, 2014 
Senator's anonymity in North America is about to change. The company is in the process of building a 100,000 square foot factory in Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, which will act as its home base.

Kentwood Office and Goodwill Industries
by MMQB STAFF  Monday September 29, 2014 
Several years ago, in honor of its 35th anniversary, Kentwood Office donated a percentage of their profits for the entire year to Goodwill, solidifying the relationship between the two.

by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday September 22, 2014 
Indoff's "modern" history really began in 1991 when it moved to the Partner Program, the network of salespeople who have helped its sales grow from $4.2 million to more than $130 million this year.

World Tour
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday September 15, 2014 
Humanscale is in the midst of an ambitious world tour, taking its products on the road (with some seriously impressive early success).

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