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Austin Rothbard Appointed President, Baker
Wednesday October 31, 2012 
Rothbard is headquartered at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs Executive Offices in Chicago.

Residential Furniture Industry Fragile but Improving
Sunday October 21, 2012 
Most importantly for furniture sales, more Americans are buying and moving into homes that they'll look to furnish, pushing up sales and prices after a six-year slide.

Kindel Furniture Plant Burns Down
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Tuesday May 10, 2011 
In many ways, today's fire marked the end of Grand Rapids' residential furniture industry.

Standard & Poor's Says Outlook for Residential Furniture is Neutral
Monday March 7, 2011 
Consumer finance tightening and unemployment levels may lead to further delays before S&P sees a full recovery in home furnishings spending.

Residential Furniture Orders Fall 5% in October
Sunday January 2, 2011 
For the year to date, shipments were up 8% through October.

Residential Furniture Orders decline in September
Friday December 3, 2010 
Factory shipments were still up 6% from a year ago in September, though they tend to lag orders by a few months.

Residential Furniture Shipments Inch Higher
Monday November 1, 2010 
Orders in August were still down from two years ago.

Residential factory orders up 3% in July
Monday October 4, 2010 
"We are not expecting August results to improve that much and September conversations have been mixed."

Residential Furniture Orders Recovering
Friday September 3, 2010 
The backlog in June was 35% higher than last year.

Residential Furniture Orders Show 9% Increase
Wednesday June 2, 2010 
March shipments were 12% ahead of February and 5% ahead of March 2009.

Residential Furniture factory orders rise 4% in January
Monday April 5, 2010 
Factory shipments were up 6% from January 2009, following a 3% year-over-year gain in December.

Residential Furniture factory orders rose 10% in November
Monday February 8, 2010 
There's a bit of good news out of the residential furniture industry.

Flat U.S. residential furniture orders reported
Wednesday December 30, 2009 
Lack of a year-over-year decline is first time in two years.

Residential Furniture Shipments down 12% in August
Monday November 9, 2009 
For the year to date, orders are down 19% from the 2008 pace.

Residential Furniture Shipment Sink
Monday July 6, 2009 
The office furniture industry has plenty of company when it comes to falling sales.

Residential Furniture Orders Hammered in December
Monday March 9, 2009 
Total new orders for the year came in 14% lower than 2007.

U.S. Residential Furniture Orders drop 12% in September
Wednesday December 3, 2008 
Residential furniture orders registered their fourth straight double-digit decline.

U.S. Residential Furniture Factory orders drop 17% in July
Monday October 6, 2008 
If you think office furniture sales are sinking, consider the plight of the residential market.

Residential Furniture Orders Sink
Monday September 8, 2008 
June was another disappointing month for domestic makers of residential furniture.

Residential Furniture Orders Fall
Thursday August 7, 2008 
Residential furniture orders were down 6% in May from the same month a year earlier.

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