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  Today's Date: Saturday August 30, 2014    Current MMQB Index: 5170.47 +24.10 (+0.47%) on a volume of 977,042 shares. Year to Date Change: -2.11%
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Dealer Channel
Office Environments acquires Modular Designs
Monday August 18, 2014 
Modular Designs, which will be renamed to Modular Designs, an Office Environments Company, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Office Environments and will begin the integration immediately.

Chicago Steelcase Dealership Changes Ownership
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Friday August 8, 2014 
Jenny Niemann acquired the assets of Office Concepts, a Chicago-area Steelcase dealer that has deep roots and even deeper connections in the city.

Steelcase Dealer: Rediscovering the Baltimore Market
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday July 28, 2014 
Being behind in the Baltimore market "did not sit well" with Steelcase.

QSA Group, a New Purchasing Group From Indeal Launched
Monday July 7, 2014 
QSA Group, much like INDEAL Elite, uses a collection of design-oriented marketing tools to help dealers effectively present a group of select non-competing suppliers to end users.

Herman Miller Sells Corporately-Owned Workplace Resource
Monday June 2, 2014 
The sale was completed on June 2, 2014 (today).

Haworth Dealer Changes Ownership
Monday May 19, 2014 
The 30-year old company, formerly owned by Ann Whitcomb and Gary Leety, is a full service contract furniture dealership.

Hannaher's adding third location in Detroit Lakes, MN
Monday April 21, 2014 
A Steelcase authorized dealer achieving platinum partner status in 2012, 2013 and 2014, Hannaher's will showcase a variety of office furnishings and commercial flooring.

Storr Announces First Nonprofit Winner of $100,000 Office Makeover Giveaway
Monday March 24, 2014 
The $100,000 Office Makeover Giveaway is Storr's way of commemorating their 100th year of business.

Dealer says she is Not Guilty of Fraud Charges
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Friday March 14, 2014 
Friedman is charged with wire fraud. She faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Herman Miller Sells Corporately-Owned Workplace Resource-Montreal
Saturday March 1, 2014 
OBI is the oldest privately-owned Herman Miller dealer in Canada.

Denver Dealers Merge
Thursday February 27, 2014 
"The goal of this merger is to create greater value in less time by offering multiple products and services from a strong single-source for our clients."

Office Solutions purchases industrial building for $1.7 million
Monday February 17, 2014 
Charlotte-based Office Solutions has purchased a 54,000-square-foot industrial building in southwest Charlotte for a new headquarters, showroom and warehouse facility.

by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday February 10, 2014 
Goodmans has been aligned with Herman Miller for 46 years, the year that the company launched Action Office (and coincidentally, the year Adam Goodman was born).

Steelcase Dealer Sold
Monday February 3, 2014 
The company, which dates to 1834, was purchased by Eaton Office Supply's Bruce Eaton and the late Jim Eaton.

Independent Stationers Announces New Affiliate Program with NSSEA
Monday January 13, 2014 
Independent Stationers members benefit as well through the progressive education afforded by NSSE.

Hospitality HQ
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday January 13, 2014 
The Wyndham Wordwide project includes more than 1,600 Kimball Xsite workstations and many other Kimball products over a two building campus in Morris County, N.J.

E&I Debuts New Brand Identity
Monday January 13, 2014 
E&I Cooperative Services last week officially launched its new brand identity, inclusive of a new company name, new division names, re-designed logos as well as a new tagline to be used universally across all service lines.

TriMega Announces Strong 2013
Monday January 13, 2014 
TriMega finished 2013 with an increase of 4% in member purchases.

Inside Source and Young Office Merge to Form a Bay Area Powerhouse
Monday January 6, 2014 
The new firm will have approximately 100 employees in sales, management, administration, design services, project management and operations.

BSI Relocates Corporate Headquarters
Monday January 6, 2014 
BSI designs, builds and furnishes commercial interiors.

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