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 Mentioned This Week
Quote of the Week
A View from Down Under on Innovation
Monday February 8, 2010 
Experience and leadership knows that the market never stands still for long; and the real risk for risk-averse companies that don't engage with design is that the market will leave them behind.

We feel we have the broadest distribution in office furniture.
Monday April 9, 2007 
"On the office furniture side, we talk about being a market leader. Basically about the summer of '04 we crossed over to become the No. 1 office furniture company in consumption in the United States."

Quote of the Week for November 27, 2006
Monday November 27, 2006 
Can office design help productivity or creativity?

CNBC's Kramer Trashes Steelcase
Monday May 8, 2006 
"They were a serial disappointer when they came public, and it left a bad taste in my mouth."

Quote of the Week from Steelcase's CEO
Monday May 3, 2004 
Your moment of Zen: "We have to Modernize our Business"

BIFMA Doesn't Like its Own Forecast
Monday July 14, 2003 
Changes in the works for forecast method that doesn't forecast.

We're just Plodding Along
Monday February 24, 2003 
One dealers view of today.

Quote of the Week
Monday November 25, 2002 
Microsoft's chairman comments on meetings.

Talent in search for expression…
Monday September 30, 2002 
Steelcase would love you to be part of the team, trouble is there isn't any team.

Quote of the Week
Monday September 9, 2002 
Huge corporations are finding that over-the-top headquarters reek of excess and greed

How bad are things?
Monday January 28, 2002 
Miller ceo weighs in on the state of the industry.

Quote of the Week - September 3, 2001
Monday September 3, 2001 
The writing was on the cubicle wall for the office furniture manufacturers.

Quote of the Week
Monday August 20, 2001 
Testers say Steelcase's Leap is one "slppery" chair.

Quote of the Week
Monday August 13, 2001 
Interior Design Magazine quote slams NeoCon.

Comments on FurnitureMax
Monday March 19, 2001 
Was Wall Street fooled?

A Swing and a Miss?
Monday January 8, 2001 
Hackett on Steelcase's results and Forbes on the industry.

Quote of the Week
Monday November 27, 2000 
Ayse Birsel, creator of the Red Rocket collection for Herman Miller and owner of the New York design studio Olive 1:1 - on companies.

Quote of the Week
Monday October 9, 2000 
Still think working in teams is a good idea?

Quote of the Week
Monday October 2, 2000 
Adolph Bessler, Steelcase's vice president of manufacturing operations.

Dot.com's Don't Want Expensive Furniture
Monday September 11, 2000 
San Jose dealer give his impression.

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