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  Today's Date: Tuesday May 26, 2015    Current MMQB Index: 5778.81 +0.00 (-0.00%) on a volume of 1,154,570 shares. Year to Date Change: -2.29%
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Artek turns 80 by following Core Principles
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 25, 2015 
As the company moves forward it will continue to make products that are "low-tech, but not at all retro."

Makers: Koleksiyon
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 25, 2015 
Koleksiyon is bringing its jazz to the U.S. for the first time, exhibiting at NeoCon and opening several showrooms around the country.

Nucraft expanding in Comstock Park, MI
Monday May 25, 2015 
The expansion is expected to add another 40 jobs to a workforce of nearly 300.

Keep™ Modular Wall by Mayline Makes the NAOPA 2015 Shortlist
Monday May 25, 2015 
The Keep wall was originally launched at NeoCon 2014 and Mayline plans to unveil "Phase II" elements of the Keep line at this years' NeoCon show.

John Gardner Appointed CEO of ErgoCentric Seating Systems
Monday May 25, 2015 
Gardner joined the Company as President and Chief Operating Officer in early 2014.

Steelcase sale of Pyramid falls through
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 18, 2015 
Steelcase vacated the pyramid, formally called the Corporate Development Center, more than a year ago.

Herman Miller's dud NeoCon
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 18, 2015 
The company is set to launch Metaform Portfolio, an expanded polypropylene systems product that is finally shipping two years after it was first shown at NeoCon.

Makers: Teknion
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 18, 2015 
This year the company is taking some existing categories and giving them the Teknion treatment -- adding new and innovative twists to once-stale areas of the office.

Makers: CF Group
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 18, 2015 
The MOSS collection covered a lot of bases with One and Nook, but one thing CF Group determined is that it needed a lounge product that was playful as well.

Joseph T. Coppola Appointed COO of Knoll
Thursday May 14, 2015 
Joseph T. Coppola, Vice President, Global Supply Chain at Boart Longyear, an international provider of mineral exploration drilling services and drilling products, has been named Chief Operating Officer.

Tayco changes leadership, not focus
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 11, 2015 
For several years, Kevin Philips has worked to restructure the management team, bringing in new, talented people.

Makers: Groupe Lacasse
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 11, 2015 
This year at NeoCon, the company is launching several new products. It is also focusing more on creating a showroom that is idea driven, not just product driven.

Trendway to supply the Cooperative Purchase Network members
Monday May 11, 2015 
Trendway Corporation announced it has been awarded a contract through The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) to provide furniture and interior architectural solutions to 37,000-plus participating TCPN members throughout the United States.

DIRTT Sales Climb 40% in Latest Quarter
Friday May 8, 2015 
Strong market activity throughout North America, combined with a strengthening US dollar, resulted in solid year-over-year growth.

Kimball International Third Quarter Sales Climb 17%
Tuesday May 5, 2015 
Net sales in the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 increased 17% from the prior year third quarter, primarily driven by increases in the hospitality and other commercial vertical markets.

Nightingale - Quality begins with Integrity
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 4, 2015 
Quality is more than just making sure the furniture you build doesn't break.

Auweko, Arconas Collaborate on Products
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday May 4, 2015 
Arconas introduced the product line a few months ago and already count among its clients some US and Canadian Airports.

Kimball Office Renews Design Partnership with Studio O+A
Monday May 4, 2015 
The refreshed and renewed design will build upon the strides made in 2014 and will be revealed during NeoCon 2015.

Latest Industry Index Shows Steady Growth
Thursday April 30, 2015 
"We maintain the opinion that the industry will continue to accelerate during the second and third quarters of 2015 and that 2015 will finish strong into 2016."

Makers: Game Changer
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday April 27, 2015 
Instead of competing with the mid-market masses as a generalist, which had worked well for the company for five years, AMQ has decided to focus strictly on open plan environments and products that it can ship in five days.

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