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  Today's Date: Wednesday September 17, 2014    Current MMQB Index: 5229.98 -2.88 (-0.06%) on a volume of 390,816 shares. Year to Date Change: -0.98%
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   Herman Miller Inc.
   Knoll Inc.
   Merchandise Mart Properties
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   Neutral Posture Ergonomics
SPAR Group Partners With Ergotron to Provide Installation Services
Monday September 15, 2014 
Two-year partnership agreement with Ergotron will provide professional installation of its WorkFit sit-stand workstations in businesses and homes.

Coming to America: Fursys
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday September 15, 2014 
Fursys is based in South Korea and is the dominant office furniture maker in its marketplace, with more than 50 percent share of the market. So where is the company headed? If its plans prove out, to a dealer near you.

Neutral Posture Follow-up:
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday September 15, 2014 
At a glance, Neutral Posture's acquisition of the Equity system might leave industry watchers scratching their heads. When everyone else is fleeing the cubicle business, why in the world would they chose to enter it?

Virco Reports Flat Second Quarter Results
Thursday September 11, 2014 
The company said that this summer season was the busiest of the past few years.

Inscape Results turn Positive
Thursday September 11, 2014 
Sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 were 10.1% higher than the same quarter of the previous year.

Neutral Posture Acquires Knoll's Equity Office line
Wednesday September 3, 2014 
Neutral Posture announced at NeoCon 2014 its intentions of expanding into the systems furniture business.

Kewaunee Scientific Sales Fall in First Quarter
Tuesday August 26, 2014 
The domestic laboratory construction marketplace continued to be challenging during the quarter.

by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 25, 2014 
In2Design was launched 13 years ago by Serge Silvestri, who has been in the office furniture industry for 35 years.

Egan Visual announces the launch of live Product Knowledge Sessions
Monday August 25, 2014 

Flexsteel Reports Strong Financial Results
Tuesday August 19, 2014 
Due to existing strong order backlog and positive order trends the company expects top line growth will continue into fiscal year 2015.

Mayline's New Chief Looks to Differentiate the Company from the Pack
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 18, 2014 
The company is reaching out to office furniture suppliers for everything from inspiration to innovation.

by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 18, 2014 
Product development in this industry still happens in the traditional way -- designer comes up with an idea or responds to a request from a manufacturer -- but increasingly, it is happening through sites like Kickstarter, which connects ideas and products with people who are willing to fund their development.

by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 18, 2014 
Bordley is back at it with TrekDesk II, this time using a Kickstarter campaign to assure the new version can be made in the U.S.

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation Opens First Facility in China
Thursday August 14, 2014 
The facility, which will primarily serve customers in the local China market, will be used as an assembly operation for products imported from the company's other factories.

HPFI - Thriving in High Point
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 11, 2014 
HPFI sells everything from casegoods to seating from its two North Carolina factories.

Fritz Hansen - Re-Introducing its Legacy
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 11, 2014 
The goal of Friz Hansen is to always produce timeless pieces -- timeless in the sense of design; products that are not in fashion or out of fashion.

Investors Hear from Herman Miller Brass
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 4, 2014 
The center of the corporate world was shifting and Herman Miller found that the U.S. was no longer going to be the sole hub.

Herman Miller's Plan for DWR Emerges
by ROB KIRKBRIDE  Monday August 4, 2014 
With $68 million in sales in the profitable consumer business sector, how much could he scale it?

Innovant Enters Its 25th Year of Business
by MMQB STAFF  Monday August 4, 2014 
After opening an office in London in 2008, Innovant recognized that the open plan office strategy would soon take root in the US.

Herman Miller's Locale Earns IDEA Gold Award
Monday August 4, 2014 
Award winners were selected by a panel of 24 international design experts from design consultancies, corporations and universities.

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