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  Today's Date: Monday May 21, 2018    Current MMQB Index: 5350.79 +0.00 (-0.00%) on a volume of 1,398,926 shares. Year to Date Change: -9.70%
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 Mentioned This Week
NeoCon 2009
NeoCon 2009 Videos - Part 2
by PETER WOLF  Monday June 29, 2009 
The next round of videos from NeoCon 2009

NeoCon 09 - Mostly Successful with Less
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 22, 2009 
The universal mantra was that despite the drop in people, the quality of attendee was high. The decision makers were there as were those with projects in mind.

NeoCon 2009 Videos - Part 1
Monday June 22, 2009 
Watch the latest videos from NeoCon 2009

NeoCon concludes Three Day Run
by MMQB STAFF  Wednesday June 17, 2009 
Less attendance, but a quality crowd spelled relief for Mart and exhibitors alike.

Some Surprising Innovation dots NeoCon Aisles
by MMQB STAFF  Tuesday June 16, 2009 
Is there any innovation happening at the show or are all the products and components retreads of what's already come out (in some cases, over and over again)?

NeoCon Day 1: Traffic down, but not as bad as expected
by MMQB STAFF  Tuesday June 16, 2009 
To be fair, while there were fewer people at the show, there's still a lot in attendance.

NeoCon 09 - Set to begin Three-day run Today
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 15, 2009 
Showrooms are polished and gleaming and executives are blowing expense accounts on expensive steaks. At NeoCon, there is no recession.

NeoCon 2009 - Plenty of New Product to Woo Visitors
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 8, 2009 
Mart officials won't venture a guess, but admit that the numbers will be down. Manufacturers are worried and trying to gauge the turnout.

NeoCon Preview: Herman Miller
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 1, 2009 
Herman Miller is launching six new products at the show, most aimed at the lower end of the market, a fitting segment given the economic slowdown that is constricting the budgets of even the most well-heeled customers.

NeoCon Preview: Teknion
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 1, 2009 
Teknion has seven new products and a marketing alliance with a European company to announce. Not bad for a year marred by a deep recession.

NeoCon Preview: Gunlocke
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 1, 2009 
The company recognizes the continued importance of the private office, but also sees a shrinking office footprint.

Preview: SitOnIt
by MMQB STAFF  Monday June 1, 2009 
The company is launching its most ambitious collection of seating products ever this year with four major products being introduced at NeoCon.

NeoCon Preview: Leda
Monday June 1, 2009 
Leda Contract is expanding their casegoods line to include media friendly casegoods to complement their veneer line of office suites and conference tables.

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